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Meet Jurga

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Jurga Proudlove. I am originally from  Lithuania and have been living in Nottingham, for 22 years.

My background :- I studied international trade and marketing at Vilnius University in my native Lithuania, including 2 years of business studies at Bayreuth University in Germany.

After working in both Germany and the U.K. I became a stay-at-home Mum in 2001 after birth of my first daughter.

I’ve always been an active person, participating in exercising on and off throughout my life. During my two pregnancies (the second time I had twins!) I got particularly interested in weight loss and healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and effects of poor diet on us all and especially young children. I had a goal of losing the extra weight I put on during the twin pregnancy, and so I researched the topic extensively on the internet for the most effective ways of achieving it. I did get back to my pre-pregnancy figure and have an even better one now! I am in my forties now and the fittest I’ve been all my life!

I started doing more research into good health nutrition. I soon realised that going beyond government guidelines and media headlines into looking at health and fitness holistically was essential. For example, you might think that cereal and toast for breakfast, followed by sandwiches at lunch and pasta for dinner is healthy, however you will be surprised to hear that it's not the case at all. A lifestyle of limited exercise and sugar and simple processed carbohydrate rich comfort foods will sadly get most people nowhere near being vibrant health.

Through the attendance at numerous training courses and extensive research I have now gained a lot of knowledge about the possible causes of different auto-immune illnesses and possible ways of managing those conditions in a holistic way.

I have learnt a lot about different natural and alternative therapies and remedies since my husband was diagnosed with IBD. I had to because in about 2012 we reached a dead-end with what the conventional medicine could offer him - it was only cutting out part of his colon or perhaps even all of it.

I wasn't happy with that suggested route of treatment as I just couldn't imagine a man in his late thirties who loves swimming living for the rest of his life with a stoma bag. I thought to myself - there must be something else, we haven't tried everything possible yet.

So when I started asking different questions and digging around online I came across whole communities of very open-minded people who just like my husband reached the dead-end road with the conventional medicine and decided to take a slightly different approach to their healthcare - an informed, self-educated and perhaps slightly more radical way with the tried and tested natural remedies harnessing the raw power of plants, the true gifts of earth that helped us to heal for many thousands of years.

So whenever I found something and we tried it and it worked for my husband (he's now been without any synthetic, artificial medications, which had some awful side effects on him, for more than a year and half and is managing his condition very successfully just with proper nutrition, natural supplements, appropriate physical activities and stress management techniques), I felt that if I wouldn't share what I've learnt and found to work with other people, it would be very selfish and unkind.

And that's why I am doing what I am doing - talking and educating people about proper nutrition reaching far beyond any current government guidelines, daily physical activity, natural and alternative cancer treatments, pure and potent essential oils and other natural remedies.

If I can help another person to be in less pain and distress by sharing my knowledge, then that's so worthwhile and satisfying on so many levels. For me sharing is caring in more ways than one.

I have a burning desire to help as many people as I can to become healthier, slimmer, fitter and overall happier with themselves. I know that lots of people live all their life without ever discovering what it is like to be naturally healthy, fit and ultimately happy including with themselves.

My mission is to help people to achieve that

  • by educating them about eating for health and vitality,

  • by motivating them to adopt more active daily routine,

  • by holding them accountable

  • by supporting them throughout their journey towards the permanently healthier lifestyle.

I truly believe in this saying:

“Whatever I believe and I can picture in my mind, I can achieve!”




My goal is to provide holistic fitness, nutritional and life-coaching services to people who are firmly committed to change.

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